The pace of Industrial development in Nepal is very slow. Industrial sector contributes just about 10% to the GDP of the country. without industrial Development, economic well being of he nation is not attainable. There are serval impediments to the industrial development in Nepal. Among them Development of human resources is the vital one.

Nepal has recently entered into the World Trade Organization. This will provide new opportunities as well as challenges. Our industries will face a competitive environment. To tackle new scenario, Nepal needs skilled and qualified people to serve the industrial development sector as either service providers or entrepreneurs. They must be well equipped with technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Realizing the countrys new challenges as well as opportunities, Institute of Engineering Thepathali Campus, is planning to start of four-your bachelor level course on Industrial Engineering. This course on Industrial Engineering. This course will provide an opportunity to young Nepalese students to obtain the broader skills background and knowledge necessary to be an effective professional in a rapidly-changing global economy. These engineers will be able to work in a variety of national and international industries like Hydropower and Renewable Energy, Telecommunication, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Transportations, Bio-medical Engineering, Airlines, Management and Consulting Projects, etc.


Thapathali Campus envisages that there will be faster industrial development process due to motivated trained, educated Skilled young Nepalese engineers who are working either as entrepreneurs or service providing professionals.

Target Groups

Our target group will be of two types: Perspective young students who will join the course and Nepalese industries who will absorb our graduates. Motivated students who have completed intermediate level (I.Sc or 10+2) science or diploma level overseer study are eligible to appear on entrance exam. Entrance exam will select the suitable students based on their performance. Industry will be our major partners in this course. Thapathali campus has already started to identify the need as well as demand of manpower needed to the industries in Nepal. The campus has already started to have collaboration with defferent stakeholders in development of appropriate syllabus, which will include the need of the industries in Nepal.


The objective of the course is to produce engineers interested inn the capable of handing the challenges faced by the industrial sectors in technical as well as managerial aspects in Nepal. Graduate engineers will be entrepreneurs, managers, technical experts and professionals to enhance the pace of industrial development in Nepal.

Course Structure

The Course will have following components:

Theory will deal with the fundamentals required in basic science, technology and engineering subject relevant to existing as well as perspective industries in Nepal.

Practical subjects will develop the skills of the students in the engineering application. Theoretical knowledge will be applied in the practical training courses.

Project work will provide the students an opportunity to be intuitive, creative and develop skills to solve specific problems. Thesis will be written by each student individually or jointly based on the project that has been completed and will   be submitted to the department. One additional project will be on "Entrepreneurship Development" aspects. In this project each student has to develop a business plan incorporating legal, implementation planning, project design, financial, technical as well as managerial aspects. Students will be guided by experienced teachers to perform the project works.

On the job Training / Industrial Attachment will be of 15 weeks and students are sent to particular industry based on their interest and availability, students could be sent to foreign companies to have on the job training.

For Seminar paper, each student has to select a related topic and present as research paper and it will be a part of the course.

Faculty and Organization OF Course

Thapathali campus has been running mechanical and automobile courses since 1967. Later civil, electronics, architecture, computer engineering courses has been introduced. Campus is well equipped with serval types of machines, equipment and laboratory facilities. Adequate numbers of computers with networking system is also helping to have better access on internet to the students.

 For the industrial engineering course, campus envisages several types of collaborations with foreign  universities in Asia, Europe and northern America, where our faculty and students exchange Programme will provide the opportunity to exchange expertise and culture as well as informal exchange on new technology and development.


Initially our intake will be of 48 students, which includes 12 regular and 36 full fee students.

Fees and Scholarships

Student has to pay fee as per the fee structure decided by the institute of engineering, Tribhuvan University. There will be also regular T.U. scholarship quota available for the generous students and several organization, institutions and individual also sponsor the students to support their expenses partially or fully during the course.