Department of Applied Sciences

Applied Science Department, established in 2056 BS, is the oldest department of the campus. The main Function of this department is to manage the academic platforms based on the multi-disciplinary engineering curriculum dealing with the science or art of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems. It provides the abstract and practical activities on fundamental courses such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, English strictly based on the syllabus offered by IOE for under-graduate engineering students. All the courses presented by this department deliver vital technical and applied knowledge to the engineering students to shift up their core issues.

The department has its own well-furnished office and faculty room; well-equipped physics , chemistry and English labs. It has total 18 full time faculties of different areas and 4 full time nonacademic personals in labs and departmental office. The comments on this department from students and higher authorities are more prestigious due to highly motivated members of this department.  Lack of highly updated labs according as new technology and insufficient number of staffs are the main problems of this department.