CESS Intro





Civil Engineering Student Society (CESS), Thapathali, is a community of civil engineering students founded with a motto-"Engineering for Purpose". Established in 2071 B.S. at Thapathali Campus, CESS has been able to perform various remarkable activities. We are completely a non-profit organization. We neither discuss any political ideas nor promote any political views. We help all the civil engineering students become a better future engineers by encouraging them to understand and implement what they learn.


"Engineering for Purpose" is our motto. Making every civil engineering students able to engineering for purpose and not just earning money is our main objective. Besides, we established CESS, Thapathali, with following objectives:

1.       Make every future civil engineer from Thapathali Campus able to compete in the world market.

2.       Help the unique idea(s) forwarded by civil engineering students to get the suitable platform.

3.       Provide different types of software classes, that helps the future engineers to simplify their work, charging only the nominal amount.

4.       Forward the problems/suggestions of civil engineering students to the Civil Department or campus administration and following it unless being heard.

5.       Run or initiate any extra classes or programs that would benefit the civil engineering students perform better academically or practically.

6. Construction of a physical structure every year that would help the civil engineering students see and understand what they are learning.


CESS has 15 core members and 5 advisors usually selected among ex-CESS members.

Table below shall give clear idea about what number of representatives is selected from each year